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A letter to my younger self

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Dear Emma Little,

You are so young to have to go through what life has ahead. You will be passed around like an object because the divorce was sticky. Your need to please both parties will consume you sometimes as you grow up. Witnessing fighting, screaming, abuse, and You will lean on your friends and their families through elementary school to college. Seeking the ideal family is something that you look up to. Know you will have body image issues that are self inflicted. Being a taller girl then everyone which will make you stand out, naturally. One day you will come to love it but, until then you will struggle internally. Your brother is your role model. He will have your back no matter what. Tell him you love him more. You will find Jesus who will save your soul. His grace will rescue you from the chains that weigh you down. Volleyball will be a battle like nothing you have ever experienced. Playing for years will lead to breaking your pinky, having shoulder surgery, and going through various injury will make you feel beaten down. Your mental health will be tested but it will shape you into a strong individual. You will cut off your mother. She will not be in your life. Reclaiming your life will be a bold thing to do. Truly speaking your mind about what you need and how that relationship was affecting you will be heart breaking and rewarding. It will follow you everyday and play heavy on your soul whether it was the right decision. Losing your grandma will be a life changing event. She is the person who makes you see family as a precious entity. Never take them for granted. Express yourself to them. They really DO care about you as a person, even if it is measured by your career or education. Hug those people more. School is going to be a great constant for you when family problems get hard. Don’t be discouraged when you aren’t in a committed relationship after college. Just because other people are. Live in your singleness and enjoy the time you have to grow as an individual. You are given these obstacles because you can wake up every morning and see the good in the day. Let all of these moments shape you into who you are today and love yourself through it all!

With Much Love,

22 year old Emma

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